Trevor grew up in Pickerington, Ohio, when it was still a small town. He was the last class to graduate from what is now Pickerington Central Junior High (Class of 1990). He has been married to Kelly since 1996 and they live in Lithopolis with their family, although he swears they will live in Florida someday. He worked for DSCC for many years and became a licensed realtor in 2016. He volunteers for many events, most he has no knowledge of because his wife signs him up. He can be seen in the Red Bear costume at local events and is also a big help to the Lithopolis Honeyfest and BC Kiwanis club. His favorite hobbies are Fishing, Slot Machines, Beach Vacations, Eating Pizza and Tormenting Kids

Stuffed dog or action figures.

My 2 kids.

Grapevine Pizza

Planes, Trains & Automobiles/Anything with Ghosts or Big Foot.

On the beach and fishing.

I make up songs all of the time so probably one of those!

I make up songs all of the time so probably one of those!

Dough cakes.

Had 2 kids.

Any President or John Walsh.

My kids.


My Mom.

The beach or back in time.