Co-Owner of Gilmore Group Realtors, Inc.

Teri Gilmore

Teri obtained her Real Estate license in 2004, after previously working as a Legal Administrative Assistant for a local law firm, Business Manager for her father's company and other administrative positions. She is a proud supporter of St. Patrick Church in Downtown Columbus, Mary's Meals and other efforts to feed and clothe those in need. Teri is married to a wonderful Irish-American man, Kevin from Boston (where "car keys" and "khakis" are pronounced alike). Teri & Kevin enjoy regular outings in Ohio to Amish Country & Ohio Wine Country, love traveling throughout New England and look forward to future trips to the UK.

Teri has 4 grown children, 3 in Central Ohio and 1 in the UK. The new generation of pride & joy are the 6 grandchildren: 5 very busy boys and 1 little princess! Teri grew up in Lithopolis, Ohio and is a graduate of Bloom-Carroll HS, but has lived in several areas in and around Columbus. Having grown up around her Italian & Croatian grandparents, she developed a love for wine at an early age and loves a good wine tasting. She also loves gardening - the very best way to be "grounded" and relax.  The invention of insulated wine tumblers has encouraged Teri to enjoy a few sips while gardening - Salute!!

My favorite "toy" was the empty field across the street, where I constructed various rooms of houses out of random land features and other things I found in the field. I guess this was the first sign I might be working as a real estate agent some day!

Raising 4 children into 4 responsible adults!

I did a lot of babysitting, but my first "real job" was as a Proofreader for the Canal Winchester Times. It was interesting as, back in those days, the articles were all about social events and read like the "Who's Who of Canal Winchester." The greatest challenge was knowing how to spell surnames. The fun part was helping with paste-up of the local store ads. I remember the cool little machine that applied wax on the back of the ad pieces.

Favorite Movie: Return to Me Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls.........of course!

One month in Italy, with little jaunts to Spain, Portugal and a few other European spots AND a second month in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales!

Home, by Phillip Phillips

Lancaster Heritage District, where I currently live. It's the best neighborhood in Columbus!

I don't eat weird food, so I guess the weirdest thing I ever ate was a taco with raw tuna.

Sitting next to my husband in a gondola lift, headed to the top of Mt Loon (yes, seriously, Mt Loon), in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and coming back down the same way, because I didn't have a choice.

Pope Francis

A beautify lindy star sapphire ring my parents gave me for Christmas when I was a teenager. My parents were not ones for extravagance, and I was so surprised, not only by what was probably a pricey gift at the time and something I really desired, but also by the manner in which they attempted to disguise the jewelry gift by wrapping it inside a larger box with a can of pumpkin to make it seem like something entirely different.

Bilocation, as there are SO many times I need to be in two places at once.

It would have to be John F. Kennedy.