Co-Owner of Gilmore Group Realtors, Inc.


Kelly was born in Dayton, Ohio and relocated to Reynoldsburg as a freshman in high school. She started her career in the salon industry at the age of 19, as a Licensed Nail Technician/Manicurist and Salon Owner. Kelly received her real estate license in 2004 and partnered with Teri in 2008 to form Gilmore Group Realtors, then opening their Lithopolis office in May of 2009. Kelly loves to be involved with community events and has a “volunteer problem”. She currently serves as President (and a few other things) for the Lithopolis Honeyfest and a Kiwanis Advisor for the BCHS Key Club and Builder's Club. She also serves on the Leadership Academy Advisory Board with the Columbus Realtors. (See, she really does have a “volunteer problem”). She is married to Trevor, who loved hearing his wife talk about real estate so much that he joined the team in 2016. She has 2 awesome kids, Jamie and Jacob, and lives in Lithopolis! She loves to Read and Travel and also may have a slight addiction to Rick Springfield!

Office supplies! My Mom worked for a company that made office forms and she would bring home the “mistakes” and I would play office. I also liked to play school and assign homework to my brother, who did not cooperate.

Personally, it would be that I’ve been married for over 20 years and have 2 awesome kids. Professionally, it would be that I’ve been a small business owner since I was 19 years old.

Le Petit Croissant – a croissant bakery inside of Scarborough Mall when I was not quite 16.

My favorite TV show of all time was Friends. Currently, I love The Goldbergs. Favorite movies: 16 Candles, Breakfast Club, Pretty Woman, Planes Trains & Automobiles and Hard to Hold. (I’m an 80’s girl).

I’ve always wanted to go to Cabo or Jamaica.

Probably “Jessies Girl”. It’s not my favorite but I’ve been told that people think of me when they hear it.

I love the Village of Lithopolis!

I do not eat anything that is strange, lol.

I am soooo not adventurous. I had a good friend that tried to get me into Rally car racing. I ended up getting car sick so they put me in charge of Registration, which was the perfect job for me!

I’m waiting for Jon Bon Jovi to pick me up for dinner sometime.

My engagement ring.

To be in two places at the same time! I need this in my life everyday.

Jimmy Kimmel, lol! Just kidding. I have no idea but I thought his face would look funny up there!

The beach!