Joy Robinson



Joy is an Ohio native, born and raised in Akron, finding her way to the Columbus
area in 2006. After exploring several neighborhoods around the city, she decided to call
German Village home. She loved the local coffee shops, walking in Schiller Park and
spending rainy days at The Book Loft. In 2015, after meeting her future husband Scott,
they were curious about moving out to more of a country setting, so they bought a house
in Lithopolis and found the village to be a perfect fit.
As a former Regional Manager turned Real Estate enthusiast, she's fueled by a passion
for helping others. This also extends to four legged friends as she's a strong advocate for
animal rescue, and is a regular volunteer in the Senior Pet Care Division for Life Care
Family is very important to Joy. She loves spending time with her awesome son and
daughter in law on their farm in Lancaster and her mother that recently bought a house
down the road from her. The entire family shares a love for animals and nature. Joy
currently has two very spoiled rescue dogs and one cat. In her free time, she loves
backpacking in the mountains and taking camping trips. She and her husband are looking
forward to their first RV in the near future

My bicycle, which is still a favorite toy of mine.

As a young, single mother, I raised my son while working a full-time job, saving
every cent to purchase a house for the two of us. My son is my greatest pride; he
is kind-hearted, intelligent and my favorite person. He has been my greatest gift in life.

From an early age, I worked at my fathers florist shop and greenhouses. I
eventually became a floral designer.

The Big Lebowski. I've attended The Big Lebowski festival twice in Louisville, KY.
where people dress up as characters from the movie.

Anywhere with a mountain view.

I guess it would have to be Joy To The World. I never tire of people singing it to

Columbus has so many great neighborhoods....I think I would have to pick
German Village. It holds a special place in my heart as the first place I lived when
I moved here from Akron over 17 years ago.

Akron, OH

On a Backpacking trip to Machu Picchu, I ate Guinea Pig. It was good, but I
wouldn't do it again.

A two week vacation to China, which included walking along the Great Wall,
cruising down the Yangtze river and exploring ancient villages.

Spiritual leader and best selling author Eckhart Tolle and if he's not available....I
love having dinner with my son any chance I can get.

Me, but even better than before

Camping, backpacking, reading, walking my doggies and completing difficult
jigsaw puzzles